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Leica facts 14: The Leica 1 model C

The first camera with interchangeable lenses in the Leica catalogue was the Leica 1 model C. Three lenses were available: the 3,5 cm Elmar, the 5 cm Elmar (both with an aperture of 3.5) and the 13,5 cm Elmar with an aperture of 4.5.

The major difference in appearance with the Leica 1 model A is the lack of the hockey stick used for fixing the infinity focus setting.

The first Leica 1 model C cameras and the lenses to it were not standardized. This means that the lenses were calibrated for one specific camera only. The last three digits of the serial number of the camera were… Read more >>

Leica fact 13: Standardisation of distance between lens and film plate (Lens flange)

 The peephole

The first Leica models were mainly made of sheet metal. Not until 1940 the IIIc was sturdier as it was build with a die cast body. 

Until that time it was difficult to fix the exact distance from lens to film flange. For the Leica 1a and the non-standard 1 model c the distance was adjusted for each camera and lens. At the camera back and in the film plate a small 7mm hole was made. Through this hole and with a loupe the distance to the lens was adjusted by adding shims. They were focusing on the aerial image rather than a ground glass, it was… Read more >>